Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#NewHeat: Young Trap Nigga (YTN) - @HustleTeamJay x @LoeLyfeKrisco

#NewMixtape: #OrangeCrush2k14 The Mixtape - (Hosted. @DJ864 x @DJFamousDeville x @DJJDub_MMI300)

#NewMixtape: It Ain't Nun - @FastLifeCURT (Hosted. @DJPlugg x @WakaFlockaBSM)

#NewHeat: All I Know - @CocaVango (Prod. @FerrariSmash)

Coca Vango & Producer Ferrari Smash Link Up For A Banger Called "All I Know"

#NewHeat: Murda Mook - @SwishTheLeader x @TheNames_Kaseem x @therelkurjk ( Prod. CaineTheGod)

Wolf Of Atlanta EP is on the way from the Black Klvn artist. 

#RookieOfAtlanta Interview W/ @Samurai_Leek

1. Where are you from?
 - Atlanta, Ga.... the good, bad and ugly.

2. When did you fall in love with hip hop?
- I feel in love in the cypher, thats when the communication between me an music was the strongest.

3. Why do you do this? 
-To communicate ideas.

4. Who are your influences in music? 
- I listen to ALOT of random music...thats a hard question, because when  im making music i try not to be influenced by outside opinions and flows. So i listen to alot of John Coltrane, Nujabes always goes, Pharoah Sanders goes, anything without words. 

5. Describe your musical style.
- Important.

6. What was the first song you knew from start to finish?
- It's between Don McLean - American Pie / All Star - Smash Mouth.

7. Where did you get your name "Samurai Leek" from?
- I'm a fan of the samurai culture,  an the Bushido Law (way of the Warrior). I like to incorporate those laws in my day to day. 

8. How did you get with Whale Hunt?
- I'm actually the founder of the movement, not in the sense that i found everybody, but i created the name and vision for what you see today. At Whale Hunt we aim to create culture within a society of otherwise sheep-ish individuals.We promote self, spirituality, knowledge,wisdom, understanding, and of course FUN, through the power of music, arts, and crafts.

9. How does what your doing now will shape your next 10 years?
- Oh, what you see now is the ground work, we are laying a platform. Our next ten years are going to be a site too see, thats all i can say.

10. Why did you name your project "Super Moon from"?
- Thanks for askin, i was doing a little research about the moons affects on human behavior, And as you know the moon has a significant affect on water...our bodies are 90 percent i wrote most of the music under moon light just to see what would happen, thus birthing "supermoon".

11. What is the sound of your project?
- Sounds like shit dont listen to it...ha! i joke. you have to wait and hear. follow my twitter @samurai_leek
12. If your project was like a movie what would it be?
 - It would be set in the 50s, i dont know something like a twilight zone movie.

13. Do you think you and your team get overlooked in indie Atlanta?
 - Naw. i think we are exactly were we want to be right now.

14. Does anyone else in your family rap or sing?
 - Naw, im the music nut in the fam.

15. What do you want your legacy to be?
 - I aim embody progress .

16. What makes a project a "classic?"
 - 360 transparency. 

17. What experiences in life have made you who you are today?
 - All of them. most of all my travels

18. When everything is said and done what do you want GOD to say to you?
 - "Thanks for understanding."

19. Who are you?
  - Just young and getting it.

20. If you weren't with the crew you are with now would you be making the type of music your making?
 - Naw, i would probably be playing the sax or something.

#NewSnippet: Hold It Down - @WesDaBestFoReal

#NewHeat: Baddest - @1BucksBaby x @NovaCoolDaSav (Prod. @_keonthetrack)

Kansas to Atlanta transplant Bucks Baby of the FlyBoyFamilia links up with fellow FBA artist Kassinova Cool for this KE On The Track produced song. 

#NewHeat: Trap Back - @1JohnnyCinco x @OffsetYRN x @Blazzin_Kay (Prod. @1Spiffy)

Johnny Cinco links up with Offset of Migos and YFN Kay for this Spiffy produced track.

#NewMusic: Trappin Of The Iphone - @IAMKaliber

#NewHeat: Turning Tables - @KxRoc x @WesDaBestFoReal (Prod. @SAVZiLLA_)

KxRoc mixtape "RocZilla" is on the way.